Fun is defined as trying some new dish in the kitchen. Funner is defined as trying it with friends – even though these friends are MILES away!!! That is what TwitterBakes are all about. Kayte and Phyl decided to make Nick Maglieri’s Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Tart from his newest book – Bake! which they both have copies of and they let me join in.

I have always loved Sweet Potatoes. Eating them instead of a baked potato or making sweet potato fries (baked) or sweet potato bread. So the idea of making a sweet potato tart appealed to me. It is very simple to put together. (Altho’ you will have to buy the book to find out what the recipe is.) At this point don’t think this will be a repeat. The dough was hard to work with. I finally had to press the dough into the pan rather than rolling it out. And the filling was awfully bland. I was rather disappointed. Especially since all the other goodies I have made with Nick’s recipes have been sooooo good.

But I will play with the filling and see in increasing the spices helps. It should.

NaBloPoMo Day 13.


We have two pear trees in the back ‘yard’. One is a Bartlette and one is a Kieffer. The Bartlette is an eating pear. Sweet and soft. The Kieffer is more of a cooking pear. Firm and sweet. I thought the two trees had quit bearing, but The Hubs told me there were still plenty of Kieffers on the tree. (That was good because I thought I was going to have to make either an Apple torte or a small pear one.) Neither of them look like the pears you see in the grocery store.

The ones in the middle are nice, ripe Kieffers (from the tree). The outside ones are Bosch (from the store). Big difference. In shape and in taste. With the Kieffers in hand I set out to make this week’s TWD Pick:

    Fold Over Pear Torte.

Thank you so much, Cakelaw of Laws of the Kitchen for a great fall sweet.

The torte is similar to a rustic galette except instead of being free formed it is baked in a spring form pan. That means, of course, that you can put TONS more fruit in it plus a simple custard. Pears, walnuts, golden raisins, and some dried cranberries for a little color.

The hardest part was wrestling the dough into the springform. I had to patch it in a couple of places, but it all came together and formed a beautiful crust.

I have to tell you – it was DELICIOUS!! Family was over for supper and this was dessert. It was a hit with everyone.

Simple Vanilla ice cream on top gave us a perfect ending to a perfect meal (I can say that since The Hubs had fixed his prize winning BBQ’d chicken.)

This torte was part of a TwitterBake this weekend. Several of us baked it together – virtually. Since I got started a little later than the others I picked up on their tips. so major thanks to Di, Kayte, Nancy, Tracey, and Marthe (who had actually made it a few days before) for making it a fun ‘assignment’.

Visit the other TWD Bakers and see their ‘take’ on this torte. I bet you find some amazing variations. The recipe will be on Cakelaw’s page or in Dorie’s Baking: From My Home to Yours.

I don’t think there is anything better than cobbler for a quick and tasty dessert. I love making cobbler with fresh fruits – apple, peaches, pears from our trees, strawberries, etc. But if you cannot get fresh then for many cobblers frozen peaches or berries. And this is what Ellie had in store for us this week with Pamela’s pick of

    Mixed Berry Cobbler

which was made will all frozen fruit. I had my reservations. I don’t often use frozen for desserts but I need to remember to trust Ellie. It came out deliciously.

Made even better with just a little of Dorie’s

Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream. Topped with a little of the juicy goodies in the cobbler.

While this is healthy with the Whole Wheat Crust on top, I made it just a little better by using Splenda in the berries instead of the sugar (even though it was only 1/4 cup) and in the topping. Actually, I forgot to put the sweetener in the topping, so just sprinkled it over the entire top of the cobbler. It was good!!

I have to admit, I almost forgot the zest too, but Kayte reminded me when she said (we, along with Marthe)were Twitterbaking) she was zesting. So, thanks Kayte, the zest really added to the flavor.

Pam this was a great pick. I will make it often. You can find Ellie’s recipe on FOODTV and it will be on Pam’s site.

I love making bread. I love feel of the dough. I love to watch the dough rise. I love the interaction of the yeast with different ingredients. I just love bread, period. And I love finding new ways to make bread. Thanks to Di and Kayte I found a new way this week.



Every once in a while several Twitter Buddies get together and bake/cook something. We’ve made bread, sides, desserts. This was the latest one.They were baking for Mellow Bakers, but I just joined in. Happens like that.

These were so super easy to make and bake. The recipe, which you can find HERE calls for Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese but I didn’t have any so I used a Parmigiano-Asagio-Romano cheese mix. It was perfect. Some of the cheese goes into the dough and some is left to roll the bread sticks in before baking.

And if you don’t want to make just bread sticks, you can make bread twists…

    …which was Di’s Idea.

Biting into one warm from the oven makes you think of that little Trattoria on a obscure little street in Florence. Makes you think of red checked table cloths. And candles in old Chianti wine bottles. YES!! They are that good.

Thumbs up from The Guys.

Make them! You will be very glad you did.

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