Banana Maple Syrup Muffins are on the menu today. I made them for last Sunday’s after church social and didn’t have many left to bring home.

I love making muffins. Super simple and you don’t have to frost them. I sometimes add a simple streusel as I did to some of these.

(I have looked for the picture and it is nowhere to be found. Sorry)

When I first took them from the oven and and let them cool just enough to taste I wasn’t that impressed. They were awfully bland. I was disappointed. But the cooler they became the more the flavors of the banana and maple syrup came through. The bananas are added in chunks so there are little pieces of banana throughout the muffin. The syrup… not so much. I would add more maple syrup next time.

These are perfect for a quick simple sweet treat, but not too sweet.

You can find them on page 167 of Donna Hay’s the new cook.

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My turn for Church treats this week. So I made muffins. Donna’s no-fuss blueberry muffins. Super simple. Quite tasty. But denser than I am used to. More like bread. But that was okay. I like bread.

I made a small change. I added a little lemon zest. And then I discovered I was out of sour cream so I used Greek yogurt instead. No biggie.

The recipe is on page 160 of Donna’s off the shelf.

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I love making muffins. Super simple and don’t need frosting. It was my turn for after church social treat so I chose muffins … again!

These are banana maple syrup muffins from Donna Hay’s the new cook (p 167). When they first came out of the oven and cooled enough where we could taste them I thought them rather blah. I like flavor in my muffins!!

But the more they cooled the more flavorful they became. I could taste the banana, which is added to the batter in chunks, and a little of the maple syrup. I added a simple streusel to some of them and liked them even more.

These are perfect for a quick and easy treat. But let them cool completely for the full flavor.

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That is the short version of the dish I made from Ellie Krieger this week. The real title is Cheeseburger Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes. Whew!

Bake some potatoes. Scoop out the insides (and save this for another recipe). Broil the skins and stuff with a mix of ground beef, sauce, brocolli, and ‘shrooms. Easy, right? Not so fast…

I never could get the skins to hold together enough to stuff them. Maybe I scooped too much out. Maybe my taters were just thin skinned. So I pulled out my little crocks and served them in those.


The recipe is from Ellie Krieger’s you have it made (p 132). I also found it HERE!

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When I was growing up I loathed asparagus. Today it is one of my favorite veggies. Growing up Mom served up canned asparagus. The odor was horrendous. I could not even stay in the house when she heated it up. Then I discovered fresh asparagus and haven’t looked back.

This recipe for garlic roast asparagus is super simple. And delicious. Asparagus drizzled with olive oil. Tossed with slices of garlic and nice long lemon zest pieces. Oh. My! I think I could eat it every night. I do admit I did over cook it a might (I forgot to set the timer) but it was still tasty.

The recipe is from Donna Hay’s off the shelf (page 106), One of her “short order” recipes.

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Lemon just screams spring to me. Fresh! Bright! And this tart from Dorie’s friend Rosa Jackson does all that. This is Dorie’s French Riviera Lemon Tart! It is creamy. It is TART!!! and it is Delicious!!

The crust is made with olive oil and egg yolk added to the flour. To me this is unusual but it made a for a wonderfully silky, soft dough. Easy to work with and form into the tart pan.

Instead of one large tart I made 3 small tarts. (These are NOT KETO friendly!) I knew The Man would really enjoy these sweet treats.

The recipe is from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking with Dorie (page 281). IF you don’t have her book yet you can find it HERE! (And her tart is BEAUTIFUL!)

You can find more tarts here and posts about the last recipe (Cottage Cheese Biscuits – also delicious))

B needed something sweet this week. These were easy, quick, and nice and sweet. Just what The Man ordered.

chocolate macaroon sandwiches.

Not to be confused with Macarons which are NOT easy and quick but are nice and sweet.

A nicely browned cookie made of egg whites, sugar and coconut. Filled with a simple chocolate ganache.

You can find the macaroon recipe here. Just don’t use the ice cream. The whole recipe is from Donna’s flavours. (page 112)

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I don’t participate in Baking Rose’s Breads very often because I don’t eat bread any more. Well, not regular bread anyway. But I make cornbread about weekly for B. Unless I make Butterswim Biscuits. They happen to be my favorite but…

The second choice for BRB this month was Quintessential Corn Muffins. Since B is a cornbread lover I decided to make a batch for him. The recipe is from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s The Bread Bible.

The recipe gave me 10 muffins when I used the little silicon muffins cups which I was gifted from Nancy. I love those little muffin cups. No sticking. So easy.

They baked up so pretty. With the perfect little dome.

Unfortunately these were not a hit. They weren’t bad, they were just…different. To me they had a slight aftertaste. Sorry, Rose. I’m going back to my old recipe.

Kayte made these muffins. And liked then a lot.

If you want to bake with us you need access to Rose’s book. We don’t publish the recipes. Sometimes we find them on line.

As is true with TWD now we have two choices during the month from Baking with Dorie and the choice of what date we make and post which. I didn’t quite make it for the first posting in March but was determined to make the second posting. After all, what is better than a bundt cake. And not just any bundt cake but Dorie’s Swirled, Spiced Source Cream Bundt Cake.

Dorie said she tweaked her original sour cream bundt and added whole wheat flour, brown sugar and cinnamon. She also added more allspice. What she did was make her cake even BETTAH!

I didn’t swirl the cake as much as I should and I didn’t have quite enough nuts but it was still tasty. Nuts and chocolate! How can you go wrong with that?

Eventually I will make the the Glenorchy Flapjacks. They sound delicious.

This cake is on page 105 of Dorie’s Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty and Simple

For more cakes – Tuesdays with Dorie.

I love a good omelette. But its a good thing we’re all friends here because this looks NOTHING like a good omelette. i think my pan was too hot. I wasn’t going to waste it just because it looked a mess. And a good thing because the flavor of Donna’s shitake mushroom omelette was spot on.

Eggs, shitake ’shrooms (thus the name), onions, miso, chives, and sesame oil all came together for a tasty breakfast.
This is KETO friendly. Even though Miso contains carbs and a little sugar there is such a small amount to be insignificant.

The recipe is from Donna’s the new cook. (p 73)

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