We have had two birthdays in the last two weeks and that meant two cakes. And if you have been reading – both carrot. All that cake, all that frosting. Every bit of it now gone. Every bit of it now sitting on my hips. And now here comes another beauty of a cake from Dorie – Caramel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake. Oh! Oh! Oh! It looked sooooo gooooood. But no. I can’t. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t. So I didn’t. I wanted to. Badly. But no. This time I decided to Rewind for Dorie and try something smaller I missed before. Since I had really wanted to do the Creme Brulee I decided to to that. I pulled out the eggs, I pulled out the milk, I pulled — wait! We did this already — but this time I DID have the cream. All of last weeks pics were so inspiring which meant I had lots of ideas to work with. TWDers are so full of great ideas. Dorie mentioned tea. My favorite is Chai seasoned. I used 4 teabags in the 1/2 cup of milk. I had loose, but didn’t want to use it and have to strain the tea. They worked out fine. I also used 2% milk as one of the TWDers had said she had and it worked fine. My Mom had given me some white cups that are used to make those cute oven cakes. That is what I used. Mixed. Whipped. Tempered. Into the oven. Now it is 90 minutes later and I am still waiting for the custard to finish in the oven. I turned the oven up to 250 and left another 10 20 minutes. I took them out of the oven. LIQUID!!! MURPHEY’S BA-ACK!!!! Okay, this isn’t working. I remember watching Alton one night make Creme Brulee, so I looked up his recipe. 30 minutes at 350. Try that. I think they are finally done. While waiting I checked the Q & A and was glad (in a negative way) that other people had had the same problem. So here we are. 120 minutes later. Now they cool.

I hoped I would have better luck with the caramelizing since I, too, would be using my broiler. Now I have looked at so many of the lucky ones who actually got their brulees to do what they were supposed to. They are all so perfect. So, how did mine turn outBroiling

If I had a torch it would have been better. Much better. The flavor of the Chai tea was great, but the caramalization was not so great. I tried one more time and this time it was better, but…..

Creme Brulee

Not one of my better challenges, but I tried and that is what counts. Right!!

Thanks to Mari at Mevrouw Cupcake for this choice. It was still fun….