Well, it’s almost the end of July which means it is almost the end of the time for the Sweet Tarts & Pies section of Malgieri’s Modern Baker. We had an extra month for this section because there were quite a few recipes included. 17 Pies and tarts + 3 different crusts we could use. Of the 17 I did manage to complete 9 and all three of the doughs: nut, chocolate, and press in cookie dough. All good.

I think this might be the last pie/tart I will make in this section. But then it is only July 21st….

    Parisian Fruit Tarts

Simple! Elegant! Tasty!

A simple press in crust {I used the nut crust} A simple pastry cream. A topping of assorted fruits and berries – kiwi, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry. Glazed with Apple Jelly.

I only made 1/2 of the pastry cream recipe and that was enough for 3 mini- tarts (4″). I used apple jelly rather than apricot preserves because that is what I had. They were perfect. We had unexpected company come in so they were very easy to whip up once I had all the componants ready, which I did, and they said they were very good. ‘Nuff said.

In Malgieri’s Modern Baker the recipe is on page 166. But I also found it on La Cuisine d’Hélène if you want to try it yourself BEFORE you buy the book. And you really should – buy the book!!