Except mine turned out to be lentil soup. Seems I had made the wrong soup and by the time I discovered it I didn’t have time to get all the ingredients I needed to make the right soup. Lentil soup. But even without a couple of the ingredients it was still a nice warming, filling HEALTHY soup.


I realize you cannot really see the lentils in the soup but they are there. Lovely little red lentils that turn yellow as they cook. And spinach, and onions and cumin, and coriander. All adding up to a fragrant bolw of YUM!!

I didn’t have any veggie stock so I used beef (so not vegetarian as intended) and I was all out of lemons. Donna said you could top the soup wiht coreander flavored yoghurt but I chose to just enjoy it without. Even the Hubs liked it! Surprising!!

Anyway, the recipe is on page 16 of Donna’s modern classics: Book 1 but you can also find it HERE!

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