Cinnamon! Good for so many things. Used in so many cuisines.  Perfect spice for a bundt.

Made from tree bark it is loaded with anti-oxidants, has anti-Inflammatory properties,  cuts heart disease risks, lowers blood sugar levels, may be protective against cancer,  and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect just to name a few benefits.

It used in Chinese, Indian, Moroccan, American cuisine both savory and sweet.

And did I mention it adds lots of taste to sweet treats.  Like Cinnamon Rolls.  What better way to add cinnamon to a bundt?  A Cinnamon Roll Bundt!!



I had seen some around the blog world.  Most of them used canned cinnamon rolls.  I decided I wanted to make homemade instead.  I used my favorite recipe (from Bread Bakers’s Apprentice).  I cut the roll into abot 16 pieces and loaded them into the bundt pan alternating their position.


Then allowed them to rise and double in size.


Baked about 40 minutes at 350 degrees.   (I had to cover them with foil to prevent the top from burning while the middle finished baking).  The longer baking time helped the sugar and butter caramelize.


Then I drizzled with  glaze (Mix together 2 cups powdered sugar + 1/4 cup warm milk + 1 tsp vanilla + 2 – 3 Tbl melted butter.) and since I was making this for Mardi Gras –


Perfect!  Great for snack.  Great for Breakfast ( Cinnamon Rolls….duh!).  Great for dessert!


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