I have roasted chickens.  Not often.  Not well.  But I have done it.  They take for ever.  I start them too late, have to cook them longer and we eat later.  NOT a good plan.  But now I have a better way to roast a chicken.  Spatchcock it!  And with Deb’s help from Smitten Kitchen this roasted chicken came out just fine.  Perfect in fact.


What is spatchcock you say? According to Wikipedia:

The spatchcock, also known as “spattlecock”,[1] is poultry or game that has been prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the backbone, and sometimes the sternum of the bird and flattening it out before cooking

And that is why it cooks so much quicker than a regular roasted chicken – the backbone is gone and the chicken is flat so there is more surface area.  And that means more crispy skin and more flavor as well.

I’ve seen several ‘recipes’ for spatchcocking but this is the first time I have tried it.  Won’t be the last.

First you remove the backbone from about a 3 lb chicken.  Not hard. Really.  Then you generously season with salt and pepper ‘inside’ and out.  Then lay it breast up in a large skillet or pan.  Spread some chopped red potatoes and peeled sweet potatoes {Deb said small yellow potatoes but I couldn’t find any and I like roasted sweet taters, too.}

Then you simply roast the chicken (450 degrees) until the temp reaches 30 – 45 minutes until it’s 165 degrees.  It took a little longer for mine but I had a 4 lb chicken.  So good.

Thanks Deb.  Her flat roasted chicken is on  page 171 of the smitten kitchen cookbook

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