A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to travel back to London (not been since 1964) with a great friend and our fantastic children (2 teenage girls, one 11 year old boy). I could not believe how much it had changed, yet stayed the same. We, of course, visited all the sites, (Tower, Eye, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, etc.) which are part of the quintessential London experience. Visited quite a few eateries like

The Lord of the Moon in the Mall
and fulfilled our quest of finding fantastic fish and chips several times at different places(although not wrapped in newspaper anymore), enjoying the typical British tea break (like, every day…) and roaming some bakeries off of Cromwell road.

On Easter Sunday we had Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (just like my mum used to try to make) with roasted potatoes and a veggie at the Princess Pub in Kensington. It was a great pub and to show my admiration I left (read:lost) a red glove there.

At the Tower we watched the Royal Ravens, almost knocked down a Beef Eater and enjoyed a wonderful English invention from the 70’s – Bannoffee Pie. When we came back, I searched the net for a good recipe and actually found one that was reminiscent of that taste. Since that time several recipes have shown up all over, but this one is the best (the original) and instead of putting the whole account here, I decided just to put the Web Page with it’s history and the recipe.The Completely True and Utter Story of Banoffi Pie. It is amazingly simple and I always have an extra can of ‘caramel’ in the pantry just in case the urge hits me to “PIE OUT”. The only change I made was to leave out the coffee as I am not a fan. And you can slice the banana crosswise and lave a layer of perfect bananany (sp) circles. Enjoy, ya’ll!!

I wanted to add this picture.Spotted DogWhile in England we visited a pub outside of High Easter, Essex, for lunch. The food was great. It was fun to visit as I had lived in High Easter as a child. High Easter Mill The windmill pictured is now a house and we lived in it for two years. Round House – Square Furniture. It was built during the reign of QE1. Here is a pic taken about 1900 It was a great place to live.