Okay. I give. UNCLE!!! How could I skip TWD and not feel guilty. Yes, I cannot tell a lie. I read A thru’ M on the TWD list and decided I just had to try this. What is THIS!!! Bread Pudding. I love Bread Pudding. It is usually the dessert I choose when we go out. Gooey with lots of spice and a caramel or whiskey sauce. I CANNOT pass it up. PERIOD!!! Unless they have Cheese Cake, and then I have to get both. I am a Greedy Girl. I wasn’t going to make Lauren’s of Upper East Side Pick of 4 Star Chocolate Bread Pudding. I was packing up Hubs and The Hunk for a trip and I simply did not have time. But after so many reviews – good and bad — I felt left out. So here goes…..

I started out by making Challah. I love making this and it so easy. I used the same recipe I had used before. Cooled. Tore off enough pieces to make the pudding I followed the recipe to the ‘T’, but cut it down to 1/3 recipe, used two whole eggs and Mexican Chocolate which has cinnamon. Well, almost to a ‘T’. It made 3 basic ramekins and four mini ramekins. These are sooo cute. I found them at Pottery Barn and had to have them.

I tried the pudding as is with nothing added. MEH!! I tried the pudding with a little powdered sugar MEH!! I tried it with a little sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. MEH!!ram2

That took care of three of the minis which hold about 3 bites each.dsc03516

Now, I have one itty bitty mini left and three regulars.

dsc03519 I had added a little white chocolate and may make a little white chocolate ganache. But I have to admit, I really don’t care for this bread pudding. I will stick with my gooey, cinnamony, whiskey sauced bread pudding. Sorry, Dorie.


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