I love chewy breads. Breads with fight. Breads that DON’T fall apart when you bite into them. If that is the type of bread you like, then THIS bread is for you.

Yep!! One tasty bread. AND – it has holes….. Now that may not be a bid deal, but the other S & S members know how much trouble I have getting holes in my bread. SheeSSHHH!!!Anyway…

I made 1/2 of the total recipe. Then from that I made ONE loaf of bread which was good with our speghetti, or just plain, warm from the oven. Chewy!!

With the rest of the dough I had enough for 3 nice sized pizzas. One for me with just cheese and a little sauce…

…a good chewy crust.

One for The Boy with cheese and Canadian Bacon…

…which he said was the best home made pizza I have made.

And one pizza dough baked with out toppings for later.

This is one of the easiest and tasty breads we have made so far with the Slow And Steady BBA Group.

Othere members of the Slow and Steady group have made or will make this bread, so visit them as well.