If it’s Tuesday it must be Dorie Day. Sorry, couldn’t help it. There was a movie – romantic comedy- that came out in 1969: “If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium”. Which, by the way, has absolutely nothing to do with this weeks sweet treat with TWD. I just liked the title. But it is Tuesday and it is TWD Day. And for our treat this week, Carol of The Bake More chose…..

      Basic Marbled Loaf Cake

I knew I had to make this for a couple of reasons.

    It’s a loaf cake. That means I could finally use my Nancy Pan. (More later!)
    Carol is a fellow Louisiana Girl and we Southern Belles HAVE to stick together in the kitchen.
    I love Dorie’s Cakes. ‘Nuff Said!!

This is a basic marbled loaf cake and very easy to make. Make the Batter. Divide it in half. Flavor one batch with chocolate ( or whatever flavor you chose). Drop large dollops of the two batters in the pan.

Then just zigzag the knife through the batter, making only about 6 or 8 zigs and zags.” suggests Dorie. I think I did about 4 zigs and 5 zags. Or was it 5 zigs and 4 zags. Whichever it was, it ended in a lovely design that changed as you sliced through the loaf.

Was it good? Was it worth the extra work of divide and zigzag. Oh Yeah!! Tasty little Loaf.

Drizzled with a little chocolate ganache and caramel sauce. Very Tasty little Loaf.

Or – Even better –

topped with Dorie’s Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and then drizzle THAT with caramel sauce. Bring. It. On.

You can find the recipe on Carol’s blog or in Baking From My Home to Yours.

Now, about that Pan…

Several months ago Nancy managed to acquire some bread baking pans similar to ones her Mom used to bake Banana Bread in when Nancy was a young girl. Awesome Lady that she is she shared many of them with those of us who tend to bake together (TwitterBakes) on a regular basis. I was delightfully surprised to open a surprise package and find one those long narrow pans nestled in the box. Over the weeks that followed several of us talked about the pan and it became The Nancy Pan.

Since I was out of my kitchen for quite a while not long after the pan arrived, this was actually the first time I had to use the pan.

The Loaf cake was perfect. It gave me a longer thinner cake which equals more slices and less guilt. Thanks Nancy. LOVE the pan.